Is Crossfit safe for the average person?

Hey everyone! I want to share interesting information that I learn about health and fitness. I am going to post summaries of articles that I find pertaining to different areas into the “Reviews” category on this blog.

I have known a few people in my small city who have gotten into Crossfit over the past few years. There have been a few “boxes” (what Crossfitters affectionately call their gyms) popping up all around town. I did some digging a while back to see what all the fuss was about, and I learned that Crossfit is a highly rigorous interval workout community. I also learned that this community hosts big competitions every year which are actually televised.

I just watched the 2013 Crossfit Games on Netflix this morning. I saw these amazingly fit athletes running around in the hot sun doing all kinds of extraordinary feats! I also noticed how several of the athletes pushed themselves beyond the brink of what seemed to be complete physical exhaustion. It seemed that several of the athletes were seriously close to passing out from heat exhaustion and dehydration. One of the male competitors dropped the bar bell during a deadlift, which hit him in the back of the head and he fell back and may have actually passed out! Yet he continued through the competition, quite possibly suffering from a concussion!

I’m struck with curiosity about whether this Crossfit thing is safe? 

I found an article published by ACE which studied the effects of two Crossfit workouts on moderate to highly fit people of a broad age range. According to ACE’s findings, Crossfit works well and fast to help people burn calories and build muscle. However, there are several reasons to be cautious about joining in on all the fun. ACE outlines a few key points, which I will summarize below. Please read the original article for more details on the study!

  1. Crossfit focuses on completing intense exercise reps as fast as possible. This may lead the average person to sacrifice good form, which increases the risk of injury.
  2. Crossfit has built a highly competitive culture which encourages people to push themselves to their limits. If the average person is not careful, this may lead to overexertion which may lead to injury and other risk factors.
  3. Due to the highly intense nature of this style of exercise, it is a very good idea for people interested in starting Crossfit to be screened by a physician prior to engaging in the activity. Doing so may ensure that the individual currently has no serious risk factors, such as cardiovascular issues, which could lead to complications and serious health risks.

Have you ever gotten involved in the Crossfit community? Did you like it? Did you get hurt? What do you think about Crossfit? Leave me a comment!


American Council on Exercise (2014, May 21). Crossfit: New Research Puts Popular Workout to the Test. Article Retrieved from:

2 thoughts on “Is Crossfit safe for the average person?

  1. I totally agree. I’ve dobe crossfit in the past but if consider myself pretty active. Crossfit isn’t for everyone and people. Many people that do crossfit don’t stop when they should which can also result in injuries. Good read.

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    1. Thank you Latifat! I have never personally done crossfit, as I haven’t been interested in that intensity of training. I think it’s important that people understand that there are risks associated, especially if you’re starting out with exercise.


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