Be Intentional. Start with “Why?”


So, my husband, Michael, is a business management major and a manager at a popular retail store in our small city. He has taught me so much about how to be productive and to use my time wisely! One of my favorite things about him is that no matter how tired he may  be, he always makes the effort to get to work at least 10 minutes early so that he can have extra time get his mind ready to start the day. On the other hand, when I was working, I have been notoriously known to be running right on time or just a couple minutes late! However, I began to make more of an effort to get to work early just like Michael. It’s amazing what a difference  getting there a few minutes early in the morning can do for my mental clarity and daily productivity!

As you might have gathered, I am not working at a job right now. However, I am using my break from work to earn my ACE Health Coach certification.  I have enjoyed a couple of months of “going with the flow” and doing whatever I want to during the day. It was really nice to not be in a routine. However, I know that I cannot stay in this phase of my life forever, and I need to start being more intentional with my time. So, today, I am setting the intention to be more intentional with my time. I wanted to share a page from my planner today as I plan out my morning. I will finish up this post tonight and share with you how I came up with my planner!


A few months ago, I created a planner out of a small binder and I created the perfect planner pages for me on a Word document. You can see my page from today in the photo above! I wanted to share how I set my intention for each day with a focus value and “start with why” statement. This helps me to set my focus for the day on what’s most important. I got this idea from a book that my husband shared with me, “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. Find it on his website, right here! This book is geared towards helping leaders inspire others not only to increase productivity, but also to achieve their potential in the business world. However, I have adapted what I learned from this book to help me hone in on my personal life.

My goal is to set a mission statement for each day by choosing what value I want to focus on, and stating “why” in the simplest terms possible. When I get off track, I take a moment to look at my focus value and think about  how my current behavior helps me reflect my “why” mission for the day. If I find that my actions aren’t lining up, then my goal is to reevaluate and adjust my actions to help me get back on track to accomplishing my goals.

Don’t Expect Perfection! I think it’s important to note that although my intention is to practice setting intentions each day through my focus value, I cannot expect to ever be perfect at keeping myself on track. I have often struggled with procrastination, and the frustration and anxiety that accompanies procrastinating. Instead of getting stuck in that quagmire, my goal is to simply and mindfully come back to the practice of focusing my attention on what’s most important. This is an art-form which improves with time and much gentle, loving patience with myself.

How about you?

How do you get yourself organized? Do you use a planner? What books inspire you to be productive? How do you set intentions? Leave me a comment! I love learning from people! 🙂


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