5 Tips to Stay Active WITHOUT EXERCISE!


Did you know that people who simply move more during the day and sit less tend to have more lean tissue, and less fat on their bodies? This week, I have been learning about the etiology of obesity, or the reasons that people become overfat. It’s a difficult subject, especially for a girl who has struggled all my life with my weight.


Hey everyone! So, I wanted to brag about the great dinosaur earrings that my hubby got me for the Holiday! Totally unrelated to the post, I just wanted to show and tell, ya’ know? Like back in 1st grade? Haha. And everyone’s like Monty Python’s “Get on with it!” (Does anyone get the reference??? Anyone?) 

Here’s some truth for you; our society in the US is “obesogenic,” which means that we live in an environment that tends to generate or create a state of obesity. There are  many reasons that influence whether someone becomes overweight and obese which include both genetic and environmental factors. However, it’s important to realize that even when we have a genetic predisposition towards weight gain, our environment and our behaviors within that environment have a lot to do with how our body responds. The most common reasons that people gain weight, in addition to genetic predisposition, remain as sedentary lifestyle and eating too many calories.

But wait! Before you say, “Heck no!” And grab your keys to hit the gym, there are some things you can do about it to increase your activity levels and burn calories in your daily routine even when you’re not exercising! Try these sweet tips!

  1. Walk more. That’s right! Brand new advice you’ve never heard before! Just kidding. Seriously though. Take a five minute walk before work. Park further away from the door. Set a timer once an hour to get up and walk to the water cooler at work.
  2. DANCE, girrrl! This is my personal favorite thing to do! I turn on Pandora on the Katy Perry station, and I get my groove on while I am reading my textbook! Don’t worry about the weird stares, they’re just jealous that they can’t join your dance party for one!
  3. ‘Move it’ meetings. When meeting with colleagues, try walking around the office or (better) walk the block to get some sun while you talk straight business, yo’!wp-image-376281420jpg.jpg
  4. Stand up! Stand while you work or even ask your boss for an adjustable standing desk! I personally use a laptop desk that I set up on top of my regular desk (see picture to the right>). It’s like $20 from Target, yo’! Here’s a similar one! 
  5. Stretch at your desk. I love yoga so much. I keep a yoga mat in my office space, and I try to whip that baby out for a quick sun salutation a couple times per day. I love it! However, if you’re not so inclined, there are some great stretching exercise ideas on youtube and pinterest. Google that ishhh, girl (or guy!!)  Check out this one! 

So it’s the New Year! What can you do to just move that sweet ‘tukas, baby? I’ll definitely be having me a daily one-girl dance party in my living room (ya’ll are also invited)! Haha!  Leave me a comment!

Much Love,



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