What is Self-Image?

In this video, I discuss the question: “What is self-image?”  I share some stories and examples about how self-image relates to getting healthy!

Self – image is the beliefs that an individual holds about their own abilities, appearance, and personality. When we have healthy self-image, our beliefs are closely in line with reality (accurate). If we do not have accurate beliefs, then we will not be able to create meaningful changes in our lives. Also, healthy self-image involves beliefs that serve to empower us as we take action towards what is really important in our lives. If we do not have empowering beliefs, then we will stay stuck in a self-limiting mindset.

Here are three affirmations on self-image that I personally use. I think that practicing these affirmations daily can help anyone cultivate lasting and meaningful change.
1. “I am able to create exactly what I want in my life, which is health, vitality, and healing from pain.”
2. “I am beautiful and attractive according to my own standards that I define for myself.”
3. “I am a strong, empowered, and compassionate person.”

What kinds of affirmations do you use to empower your own self-image? Come on over to my facebook to join the discussion!



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