WOAH! 32 Followers! Cheers!

4ede9-20150520_121820-1Hey guys! I am so excited because I have just reached 32 followers on this blog! I feel so encouraged to keep going towards my dream of reaching people with the message of health and self-love.

So thank you! The thought of you out there somewhere, reading my words truly humbles me. I want to express my gratitude by offering an idea for a little project by asking you to answer the following question.

I’m curious, what are your best fitness, weight loss, and healthy living tips?

I want to compile a list of great tips on this blog from people around the world. I will tag your blog with your tip so that people can pop over to see your blog, too! If you think this is a good idea, leave your tip in the comment section below! I am going to try to post this blog piece in one month!

Also, feel free to tag your friends in this post, too, if you think they have some valuable information!

I have a Facebook discussion group called Intuit Fit Hanna for people to encourage each other on their health journeys! Come on over if you would like to participate!


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