3 Notes on Seeking Wholeness

Hello friends. Lately, I have been working very hard on myself, trying to be my most productive, positive, and healthy self as I strive towards my dreams. I am noticing that it can be difficult to maintain a good balance of all the aspects of life that are important to me. Like exercise, studying health coaching, working, meal planning, rest and sleeping, and quality time with my spouse. Today, I am setting the intention to work towards becoming an integrated whole, which means that all of the aspects of my life work harmoniously to create wholeness in my sense of self. So here are three practices that I am implementing in order to integrate all of these aspects into my life.

  1. Practicing balance. For those of you who know me and have been following my blog, you know that I love yoga more than any other form of exercise! I have been working on practicing yoga for 5 minutes at the end of each hour, focusing mostly on hip openers (which help me to balance my emotions), and balancing poses (which help me to feel mentally strong and focused even when I wobble around!) In life, I am trying to make sure that I spend at least a little bit of time each day on each thing that is important to me, even if I all I can do is simply visualizing myself engaging in that activity. The important  thing for me is that I touch in with each of my values during the day to see where I’m at, and move a little bit forward, inch by inch!
  2. Letting go of perfectionism. When we first got married, I used to imagine myself being the perfect wife, who always has the house clean, a warm, nutritious meal on the table, a successful career, and on top of my fitness routine! However, as time has gone by, I am realizing that I will probably not achieve the top of my class in each of those areas. I need to choose what is most important, and let go of the rest. For me, I choose health, nutrition, hard work, and a balanced view of my capability to maintain all the aspects of my life that are important to me. I have had to let go of the idealization that I could be perfect in all these areas, because it only causes me stress, disappointment, and disparagement when I don’t measure up.
  3. Staying organized. Now, my home is not ‘spick and span’ by any means. However, I have come up with some systems for organizing each area of our home that generally keeps us more organized than not! My favorite organization system is what I have going on for my health coaching course. I have a big 3 inch binder which I have organized by lessons with color coded tabs, sticky notes, pocket folders, etc. It makes me so happy to open it up and use it because I devised a system at the beginning of the course that has really helped me stay on top of my studies. I also really love having color paper to write on, and every color of the rainbow pens to use while studying! I love to look back through my study notes because I doodle in the margins, and those little, silly images bring me back in my memory to the time where I studied that chapter. It helps me recall the information, and it feels like positive reinforcement to remember how much fun I had studying. There is something so pleasant to having an organized system that works because it draws my attention and makes me want to open that binder and keep working. I hope to bring this satisfying feeling to each area of my life that needs more organization (like my spices cabinet in the kitchen that needs some love!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am taking my ACE exam at the end of April, 2017! Until then, I will be a busy bee, trying to get my studies done. Unfortunately, I think this means that I will not be able to spend as much time posting content on this blog. However, I will try to continue to make posts about what I am personally working on, (like today’s post). I know that it may not be as interesting to my followers, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!

I love you all, friends. May you be happy, peaceful, and free in your health journeys . ❤

How do you care for yourself when things aren’t going so great in your life? How do you cope? What are you working on in your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Keep loving yourselves, friends. Keep moving towards your dreams.

❤ Hanna

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Hanna is a blogger, yogi, foodie, barista, and a student of life. She has a background in studying psychology and counseling. Right now, she is eagerly working towards becoming a certified health coach. She will take her examination for certification in APRIL 2017! 


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