Mindfulness and Boundary Setting

I’ve been doing a lot of self work lately, and i want to share a life lesson with you all!

How do mindfulness and setting boundaries help us achieve our dreams in life?

Practicing mindfulness helps us build awareness of our authentic identity. When we are aligned with our authenticity, our personal resources (time, money, energy, etc.) flows into constructing our true identity.

We can know that we are building our true selves when our actions align with our values and move us toward our dreams and goals. Our values are the actions, adverbs, and adjectives that we want to live our lives by. You can figure out your values by answering the questions: what is most important in my life (e.g. family, kindness, courage, integrity)? How do I want to do the important actions my life (e.g. well, with joy, with positivity)? How will I describe myself (e.g. helpful, fulfilled, successful, etc.)?

Living according to one’s values is the process of manifesting integrity. This process naturally feels good to us because it is intrinsically rewarding to experience more alignment with what is truly important to us.

Another piece of this is maintaining healthy boundaries to protect the intrinsic flow of life resources towards our identity. Boundaries are not a punishment aimed at other people for causing us harm. Boundaries are not a rigid set of rules to make us work really hard towards an end. Boundaries are guidelines that organize our own behaviors and actions towards our values, goals, and achieving the life that we really want.

We need to be aware of our boundaries because outside forces often interrupt us and divert the flow of our personal resources elsewhere, away from our authentic alignment. Mindfulness helps us to recognize where our energies are flowing, and asserting boundaries ensures that the energies flow in the direction of manifesting our identity.

When we feel anxious, stressed, fearful, angry, or out of alignment, we need to become aware of what boundary is being violated so that we can take action to restore the flow. Sometimes taking action means letting go of a job that is not right for us, or letting go of relationships that are blocking our authentic alignment, or even letting go of unhelpful habits, like spending too much time on social media or television, or eating unhealthy foods too often. Whatever action is taken, our boundaries are meant to serve and protect our authentic identity.


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