INTRODUCING: Intuit Fit Hanna Podcast – EP. 1 – Your Empowered Self

Hey guys!

As a newly certified ACE Health Coach, I am so excited to share with you my latest project. I am creating a new podcast to represent my brand: Intuit Fit.

In this episode, I explain to you what a health coach is, my mission and vision, and I share some things about me that have led me to become a health coach!  Check it out here!

Intuit Fit Hanna Podcast episodes are scheduled to be published every Wednesday by 5 pm CST!
In upcoming episodes, you will hear my thoughts on:

  • What are Healthy Eating Patterns? – Navigating the USDA Nutrition Guidelines
  • The Holistic Wellness Model
  • SMART Goal Setting to Achieve Lasting Behavioral Change
  • Coping with the Inner Critic

You are in the driver’s seat of your life. Be inspired. Be empowered!

Keep loving yourselves, friends. Keep moving towards your dreams.

❤ Hanna

Stop by and follow the Intuit Fit Hanna discussion group on Facebook where we are building a community of positivity, motivation, and encouragement for those who are trying to improve their health. We’d love to hear your unique perspective from your health journey! ❤

Hanna is a blogger, yogi, foodie, barista, and a student of life. She has a background in studying psychology and counseling. Hanna has finally accomplished her dream of becoming a certified ACE Health Coach and is now busy working on her plans to help people improve their healthy lifestyles. 


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