SPECIAL EPISODE -Yoga With Michelle!

Intuit Fit Hanna Podcast

Episode 3- SPECIAL EPISODE -Yoga With Michelle!

Hey guys! Welcome to the third episode of the Intuit Fit Hanna Podcast! Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and yoga teacher Michelle Gauthier of Lake Charles Yoga (on Facebook). We found each other via the wonderful internet, because she found one of my blog posts related to our mutual interests in health, fitness, and yoga. I have been working with her as my personal yoga instructor since January of 2017.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is Michelle’s personal story about finding yoga?
  • How will yoga help me mentally, emotionally, and physically?
  • What are Patanjali’s Sutras, and why do yogi’s study them?

As always, this podcast is a work of love and a work in progress! Please excuse any choppy transitions, as I am trying to learn more about editing!

Thank you so much for listening to our work. I truly appreciate the privilege of being able to share this great information with the world! Please feel free to show some love to Michelle by messaging her on her Facebook Page:  Lake Charles Yoga! She offers group classes and private classes here in Lake Charles, Louisiana. You can message her for more information!


Bachman, N. (2011). The Path of the Yoga Sutras: A practical guide to the core of yoga. Sounds True, Inc, Boulder: CO. (p. 7).

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment on my blog and stop by and follow the intuit fit hanna discussion group on facebook where we are building a community of positivity, motivation, and encouragement for those who are trying to improve their health. We’d love to hear your unique perspective from your health journey! ❤

Hanna is a blogger, yogi, foodie, barista, and a student of life. She has a background in studying psychology and counseling. Hanna has finally accomplished her dream of becoming a certified ACE Health Coach and is now busy working on her plans to help people improve their healthy lifestyles. 


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