4 useful lifestyle mind-shifts to promote your active and healthy lifestyle!

Rod Anniversary 2017

Hey everyone! My husband Michael and I just got back from Austin, Tx, where we spent our 4th Anniversary vacation! We love Austin because it is such an active community and it is a city full of diversity, culture, history, and creative people who make their dreams come true every day! I love walking through the city and seeing all the little mom-and-pop shops and family owned restaurants! Although it was so hot, I enjoyed feeling the spirit of the city and we were always able to find a health-conscious, vegetarian-friendly restaurant to refresh and replenish from the heat! Speaking of health-conscious, vegetarian friendly companies, I want to share with you a great company I recently came across and had the pleasure to try one of their Protein Pleasure GoMacro bars which I found at Whole Foods in Austin!

Shoutout To GoMacro: An Awesome, Health-Conscious Company!

Before I begin my regular post, I want to give a shout-out to a great company that makes high-quality, healthy, organic, all-natural, and vegan protein bars! I’ve recently come across GoMacro, a Wisconsin based firm who promotes sustainable living and healthy lifestyle with its nutrition bars.  This company is dedicated to health and holistic living, and they work hard to make their business eco-friendly and sustainable! 

Check out the GoMacro shop at: https://gomacro.com/shop/ 

Check out the GoMacro Mission and Philosophy at: https://gomacro.com/#/principles 


Hanna Austin Hat 2017

So, Have you ever been so busy that you don’t eat for hours, and then you feel your body and mind energy drain out of you? I dealt with this for years as a teenager who often skipped breakfast and lunch, and then as a busy college student working part-time. I have learned a few things that work for me to help me maintain a steady level of energy throughout the day without the ‘energy crash’ in the late afternoons. My goal is to maintain my stamina while I lead an active and busy lifestyle!

Today, I discuss 4 useful lifestyle mind-shifts to promote your active, healthy, energetic lifestyle! 

  1. Meal – Prepping Is Sacred!

I really value my time that I spend on the weekends creating a meal-plan and doing my meal-preps for the week. I know that this will usually take the majority of the afternoon to finish the shopping, put my meals together, and organize everything for the week. However, my secret is that I actively look for ways to make the process sacred and enjoyable for me and my husband. One thing we like to do is stop for a coffee before we do the grocery shopping. We bring a sense of child-like wonder into the grocery store, and we treat the process as if we were on an adventure! We both really love food, and so we are constantly looking for new products and recipes to try to spice up our routine. How can you enjoy your meal-prepping time more? What types of products would you like to try? What brings you a sense of adventure while you shop?

2. Snacks are life-savers!

For about a year, I kept a food journal which helped me realize that I feel my best during days where I have access to little snacks at any point during the day. I tend to get a blood sugar crash around 3 hours after my meal, which leads me to feel lethargic and not able to focus my attention. Since I know this about my body, I can prevent it by planning my snacks! I like to have a source of simple carbohydrates, like fruit, and a source of protein, like low-fat yogurt, and a source of whole-grains for fiber, like granola. I like to bring a small parfait for my afternoon snack, which does wonders for my mental stamina! What snacks help you feel good?

3. When working out, work with your body’s needs!

On days where I will be doing a vigorous workout in the evenings, I am strategic about what I eat and at what times. I generally eat a big breakfast with carbohydrates, protein, and a variety of fruits and veggies. Generally, I like to have a veggie omelet, whole-grains, and a fruit salad. This breakfast will set me up to sustain my energy throughout the day, and it kick-starts my metabolism. For lunch, I want to have a large salad with a protein, such as black beans, nuts, and a low-fat dressing, and whole-grain bread. In the afternoon, about two to three hours before my event, I will eat a small protein and carbohydrate snack, like a GoMacro protein bar. During the next hour, I focus on hydrating with about 16 to 20 ounces of water. I try to not ingest anything other than small sips of water during the hour before an event. Everyone’s body is different, so my best advice is to play around with what you eat when you are practicing for events, and do not try anything new on the day of an event to prevent stomach pain and discomfort. Also, I avoid eating high fat foods on the day of an event because it slows digestion and causes me stomach pain and cramping. I definitely recommend keeping a food-journal to help you build insight about how certain foods affect your body and exercise performance! How do you eat to fuel your workout?

4. Balance your active lifestyle with rest!

When you exercise vigorously, you will need a ‘vigorous’ rest and self-care routine to balance your energy levels and sustain that lifestyle. I have noticed that when I am very active and working a lot, my body needs 9 to 10 hours of sleep at night. I have realized that sometimes, my mind is very active at nighttime, and I don’t want to go to bed. To help myself get enough sleep, I have found that drinking warm chamomile tea with steamed milk an hour before bed helps me to unwind and get sleepy. I think it’s a good idea to be mindful of the activities that you choose in the hours before bedtime. If I watch television, I choose something that is not too emotionally intense. I personally love to watch “The Office” on Netflix before bed because it is funny and relaxing for me. I also like to turn off the lights and light candles, do some light grounding yoga, and listen to mellow music. On the weekends, I aim to spend at least an hour or two doing self-care which I call my ‘spa time,’ during which I will do a deep-conditioning hair treatment, a facial, and take care of my skin and nails. I like to listen to Louise Hay’s 101 Power Thoughts Affirmations book to help me meditate on creating positive self-talk. This special me-time does wonders for my energy, stamina, and self-esteem!  How do you take care of your mind, body, and spirit? How do you relax?

I hope these tips help you to improve your energy levels, gain insight, and practice balance in your healthy lifestyle! If you found this post helpful or interesting, please like, share, leave a comment! What about you? What helps you heal and feel good in your life? How do you practice self-care? Leave me a comment! I’d love to hear from you! 

Keep loving yourselves, friends. Keep moving towards your dreams.

❤ Hanna

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Hanna is a blogger, yogi, foodie, barista, and a student of life. She is pursuing her masters in counseling psychology. Hanna has finally accomplished her dream of becoming a certified ACE Health Coach and is now busy working on her plans to help people improve their healthy lifestyles. 


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