Starting Something New (on my blog)!

I’m so excited. It’s been a month since I’ve posted on my blog 😦 because I have been working a lot. I also am working on myself, trying to figure out what I want in my life. Isn’t that the question of the century? Well, I am excited because I have come to a decision (about my blog, at least). I cannot bare the idea of my baby project going ignored for too long! Just because I have been working full-time as a counselor again doesn’t mean that I am giving up on my dream of being a health coach, a blogger, a health educator, and motivational specialist!

I have decided that I will continue making my podcast episodes, airing once a month on the fourth Saturday (with the exception of next week’s post on Sept. 2)! I have lots of fun ideas to talk about, including:

  • how exercise can help fatigue,
  • intuitive and mindful exercise,
  • weight cycling,
  • nutrition education,
  • goal setting, and so much more!

I can hardly wait to dive into this project! I am a writer and a teacher at heart, and I just love sharing what I am learning with all of you.

Next Saturday (Sept 2), we will discuss: Episode 6- Exercise and Fatigue! 

In addition, I will be incorporating yoga philosophy into my upcoming episodes! I will teach you one of Patanjali’s Sutras in every upcoming episode, and share with you how I am applying that principle in my life! Don’t know what Patanjali’s Sutras are? Check out these resources & grab yourself a copy of the book to follow along with me:

I am so excited & you are all invited!

❤ Hanna


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