Wellness Wednesday!

Intuit Fit Hanna Podcast

Welcome to the all-new Intuit Fit Hanna Podcast series on Youtube! My passion is to bring valuable knowledge and experience to the table to help you create balance and health within your lifestyle. I am a certified ACE Health Coach as well as a dedicated student of life. I practice yoga every day, and I am constantly seeking wisdom and knowledge to grow into the person that I want to become. All seekers are welcome here.

Episode 1: Your Empowered Self

Episode 2: All About the 2015-2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines 5/31/2017

Episode 3: SPECIAL! Motivation and Yoga with Michelle Gauthier 6/7/2017

Episode 4: What is Holistic Wellness? 6/14/2017

Episode 5: Update – I got a new job!

Episode 6: Nutrition 101 – Choose My Plate.gov!

Episode 7: Goal Setting

Episode 8: Inner Critic